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July 12, 2024 12:25 am




Name of the StudentRoll NumberOverall GradesTotalResult
Miss Beauti Debbarma23497A330Pass
Miss Tijeli Debbarma23498A393Pass
Miss Vanmawii Molsom23499B+255Pass
Miss Lalruatfeli23500Supli in Maths
Miss Bindiya Debbarma23501B+261Pass
Miss Tracy Tharzeli Molsom23502A313Pass
Miss Rakhi Debbarma23503Supli in Maths
Miss Christina Kalai23504B+267Pass
Miss Lalringkimi Molsom23505B+254Pass
Miss Sharmila Debbarma23506B+247Pass
Miss PArsomi Betu23507B+289Pass
Miss VL Thlamuanpuii23508A328Pass
Miss Yashima Debbarma23509B+282Pass
Miss Jenifer L Hmar23510B+273Pass
Miss Saheen Debbarma23512B+251Pass
Miss Pabitra swari Molsom23511Supli in Maths
Miss Mitila Debbarma23513Comp Sc & Math
Miss Baigoshree K/P23514B228Pass
Miss Barsa Debbarma23515Contact SchoolContact School
Mr. Justin Debbarma23516B243Pass
Mr. joseph Debbarma23517B239Pass
Mr. Aristal Debbarma23518B+287Pass
Mr. Kwrak Debbarma23519A+394Pass
Mr. Salong Debbarma23520B229Pass
Mr. Rajib Debbarma23521B244Pass
Mr. Bipesh Debbarma23522B+250Pass
Mr. K.Rosangliana23523A317Pass
Mr. Joshua Molsom23524B+278Pass
Mr. Shamal Reang23525B230Pass
Mr. Apu Debbarma23526B+278Pass
Mr. Lalngaidam Hmar23527B+288Pass
Mr. Rishimtha Molsom23528B230Pass
Mr. Sourav Thapa23529Comp Ist Lang & math
Mr. Bocholong Debbarma23530B207Pass
Mr. Shaljora Debbarma23531Supli in Math
Mr. Kubui Debbarma23532B+266Pass
Miss Radha Rani Debbarma53654Contact SchoolContact School
Miss Priyana Debbarma53655Contact SchoolContact School
Miss Ruma Debbarma53656Comp Sc & Math
Miss Bubar Debbarma53657Contact SchoolContact School
Miss MAdhan Kanya Molsom53658Comp Sc & Math
Miss Leya Debbarma53659B219Pass
Miss Selina Hrangkhawl53660B227Pass
Miss Sunia Jamatia53661Supli in Sc
Miss marthi Molsom53662Contact SchoolContact School
Miss Khumjar Debbarma53663Supli Math
Miss Risha Debbarma53664B234Pass
Miss Jina Debbarma53665C161Pass
Mr Naisengram Molsom53666Contact SchoolContact School
Mr. Bidhyadhan Debbarma53667C187Pass
Mr. Andrew Debbarma53668B191Pass
Mr. Sagar Debbarma53669Supli in Math
Miss Anika Debbarma90798B205Pass
Miss Henok Debbarma90799B191Pass
Miss Ringsha Debbarma90800B230Pass
Miss Kokbubar Debbarma90801B212Pass
Mr. Ashapar Chakma90802Comp Sc & Math
Mr. Romeo Molsom90803Comp Sc & Math
Mr. Simon Debbarma90804Comp Sc & math
Mr. LAmthar Hrangkhawl90805Comp Sc & math