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(Former & First Headmaster of Yakhili Academy from AIZAWL, MIZORAM)



The Beginning

Mr. T. Nghaksanga, the Principal of Yakhili Academy, talked with me over the phone a few days back. He asked me to write an article about the school and my work for the Souvenir to be brought out during the School’s Silver Jubilee Celebration to the institution was very negligible.

God’s Call

In remembrance of 1994 Gospel Centenary, Baptist Church of Mizoram took several important projects. One of the projects was to send 100 missionaries from Mizoram to other parts of India.

I remember it was at end of 1993 when Rev. B. Thangchina, former A.G.S. and Mr. Lailianthuama, former Finance Manager visited me at the Durtlang Synod Hospital as I was hospitalized then because of stomach disorder. Rev. B. Thangchina requested me to go to Tripura to work at the Tripura Yakhili Academy as a Headmaster. I was surprised and at the same time pleased for I had in mind to serve our Lord as a full-time God’s servant. I wanted to serve for the Lord out of gratitude to him for he had brought me to Aizawl empty handed but Jehovah – jireh School he gave us a plot of land to build a house. Our house was under construction then. I regarded the request of Rev. Thangchhina as the second calling of God. But I could not say ‘Yes’ straight because of ill health. But after prayer and consultation with members of family I appeared and faced interview board on 1st November, 1993 and was commissioned at the Chandmari Baptist Church, Lunglei on January 23, 1994 when I gave my short testimony. 

Condition of the School

I joint as headmaster on the 15th January, 1994. The size of the school and the hostel buildings were small and made of bamboo. They were shabby and they did not look like English Medium School. But the location of the school was very ideal. We had classes from Nursery to Class three. The number of pupils, was small too. There were six teachers including me; one teacher each from Mizoram, Nagaland, Kerala, Manipur and two from Tripura. The Combination of teachers, no doubt, was good from educational point of view for we had to speak in English.


The Academic standard was neither high nor low. The Children were fit to get admission to any school according to their respective classes. We generally followed the books prescribed by St. Paul’s School because we intended to get affiliation to CISCE eventually. 

Managing Committee

I think there was a Managing Committee but I had never seen the constitution. I understood that the committee wanted me to look into the academic affairs only. Once Rev. B. Thangchina paid a surprise visit to our school. He found that a committee meeting was held without my knowledge. He was very surprise. It was impossible for us to apply for recognition to the Government because of the name of the school. Some wanted to name it Yakhili Academy, other wanted different names. I am happy it is called Yakhili Academy now. I think it is only the institution which is given a name in kokborok.

I was astonished and upset with the resolution passed by the Sadar North Baptist Association that all kinds of correspondence regarding the school be made by the Secretary Mr. Biralal Debbarma (L) who was the most experienced among them asked me to protest against the resolution but I kept silent. I did not know the reason why they wanted me to be in dark.

Relation with the Church

I had a very good relationship with the church people. I was given every opportunity to serve our Lord. The church people were kind and good to especially Deacon Profulla Debbarma and his family. They gave me free accommodation. They took care of me very generously as if i were a member of the family. I felt at home. I was and I’am still grateful to him. My relationship with teachers and members of the committee was good though I did not know how many they were. I was grateful to the members of Zion Baptist Church as well as Sadar North Baptist Association for they had given me opportunity to serve our Lord again in Tripura.


I worked in many schools and I had something to say about my work and progress of the school. But at Yakhili Academy I can say, “Nil”. The only result of my one year service was ‘ bridging a bridge’ between B.C.M (Baptist Church of Mizoram)  and SNBA (Sadar North Baptist Association) for which I thank God.


After a careful consideration with Rev. C. Rothuma (L) and I found that my stay was not worthy. Therefore, I tendered my resignation and it was accepted by the authority with effect from the 1st January, 1995. I think, God’s intention was to use me to start the work and hand over the entire assignment to some one who was more experienced, more dedicated and more energetic.

What I have seen

After 16 years I visited the school in 2011 and again in 2013. I recalled the position of the school when I was there and compared with the present position. It impressed me so much that I would say, “It was a miracle and amazing work of our Heavenly Father”. I was glad  to see the school and hostel buildings, the area of the school, I was told the number of pupils and results of their examinations. It was encouraging. Some members of the committee and I requested Mr. Harinath Debbarma, the former Chief Executive Member to give us the plot of land near by for the school. He was my room-mate when we were in Tripura Boarding House attached to Umakanta Academy, Agartala. We went to his office with a great expectation but our request was denied. I was very much disappointed because I could not find any reason for his refusal. i am glad to find that now the plot of land belonged to the school.

The Principal told me that they had been trying to obtain affiliation to CBSE. It is no doubt, a good move. I did not know the Academic standard maintained by the Board so I had recommended to join CISCE.

I thank God because he has sent Mr. T. Nghaksanga to shoulder the gigantic task. He is a man of integrity, He is energetic, hard worker and honest to his Lord. I wonder how he has managed with his poor health. Dismissal of Classes after 2 or 3 periods is a general practice on the first day of re-opening of school after long vacation. But they had full class on the first day of the school. I was impressed and appreciated him very much because of his ideal decision. I have seen all-round development of the school for which we must be thankful to God.

May God Bless this institution and use it for His Glory.