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July 11, 2024 8:53 pm






It is indeed a great privilege to be a part of Silver Jubilee Celebration of Yakhili Academy and for me it is a wonderful opportunity to write a note as a Principal to be published in the Silver Jubilee Souvenir.

This occasionĀ reminds me of my First day in the place as a Principal on 8th January 1999, when there are just above hundred students in KG-I to Class VII. Even though the school travelledĀ its journey for last seven years, the path that is covered to reach its goal is still too short due to the weaknesses of the Management and uncountable difficulties.

In that situation I found myself too little and too weak to lead the school forwards in its journey towards its important goal. But I realized that GOD’s grace is sufficient and my weakness is the key to make GOD’s power perfect. The Lord himself said to Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

The word ‘Yakhili’ is Kokborok, the local language which means ‘Ladder’ or ‘Stairway’. SoĀ  when I started working in this school, I realized Jacob’s dream in which he saw a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. And behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. Then I also had a dream where I saw “My Yakhili is also a ladder through which people go to heaven and angels come down to the earth.”

Since then, God’s miraculous power is seen every year and now we are at this stage today, even though the partnership contribution of (Sadar North Baptist Association) SNBA and (Baptist Church of Mizoram) BCM together for the infrastructure is less than Ten Lakh within 25 years.

The strength of the School Managing Committee is ‘Fasting Prayer.’ There are no rich nor highly qualified person among the School Management Committee members. When they do not know how to proceed they kneel down and start fasting prayer. One such occasion is in the year 1999. It was in the month of April we received a letter informing us that the Boarding House Stipend will not be sanctioned because of the School not being recognized by Education Department, Government Of Tripura.

I told Mr. Nandalal Debbarma the School Management Committee’s President, he was confused for awhile; and the response comes after few minute and he said, “We shall continuouslyĀ fast and pray every Sunday until we get GovernmentĀ recognition for the school and get the Stipend back.” After having Fasting Prayer every Sunday for 9 months we got Government Recognition for the school and got sanction of Boarding House stipend back.

In obtaining School Recognition from the department of Education and Affiliation of the School to theĀ  tripura Board of Secondary Education, Mr. Sailiana Sailo an I.A.S. officer, who hold the post ofĀ  CommissionerĀ in Labour Department played a very important role by giving us necessary advise and involving himself to take necessary action as needed whenever necessary. He really acted as a Good Servant of the Almighty.

The Lord has sent many others of His servants to help the school and do great things through them for the school so that Yakhili Academy will bloom for his glory and the fruits will be blessings for His beloved Human beings.

I wish and hope that God will continue to bless this school to enjoy all the best things of the state if the school community is willingly obedient to Him.