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1st Unit Exam – 13th May – 23rd May, 2019a

Half Yearly Exam – 18th Sept – 30th Sept, 2019

2nd Unit Exam – 9th Dec – 20th Dec, 2019

Annual Exam – 10th Jan – 21st Jan, 2020

Promotion will be considered on the aggregate of the Exams Marks, Phy, Education, Work & Moral Marks.

The Marks of weekly test and other examinations will be taken into account, if necessary at the time of promotion Meeting.


1) Outstanding 90% and above.

2) Distinction 80% and below 90%.

3) 1st Division 60% and below 80%.

4) 2nd Division 50% and below 60%.

5) 3rd Division 40% and below 50%.

6) Failed in English is considered failed.

7) Failed in two main subjects out of three (ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, and SCIENCE) is considered failed.

8) Failed in any three subjects is considered failed.

9) Failed in one subject except English and any  two subjects except two main subjects is considered simple pass.

10) Failed in academic marks may be promoted if the student is good in his Physical Edu. Work and Moral.