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Grand Summary:- TOTAL CANDIDATES: 85; PASS: 48; BB: 21 UNSUCCESSFUL: 16

Student List Of Madhyamik Pariksha Exam Results 2020

Mr. Ajel Debbarma826670565569329PA
Mr. Baigya Bahadur Molsom393917192263136XX
Mr. Akash Halam565718282459183XX
Mr. Jishan Debbarma406533395168228PB
Mr. Obednago Molsom474934303065190PB
Mr. Swapan Molsom725219302769200BBX
Mr. Shaon Debbarma625121273162192BBX
Mr. James Reang505918262660179XX
Mr. Baithanga Debbarma593931303067189PB
Mr. Bil,ong Debbarma564030303465190PB
Mr, Jenewah Hrangkhawl394330303162173PC
Mr. Solomon Hrangkhawl695336323468224PB
Mr. Ismayel Debbarma626450384569259PB+
Mr. Pritam Debbarma466452454867255PB+
Mr. Henry Darlong354840223060175BBX
Mr. Rajib Debbarma553930242464172BBXBB IN SC&SOC.SC
Mr. Dilejoy Reang485838474266233PB
Mr. Sarosh Debbarma635022252665186XX
Mr. Amiesh Debbarma625530303669213PB
Mr. Enjoy Molsom624836363365215PB
Mr. Dinghet Molsom454019212662151XX
Mr. Rivaldo Debbarma346241413865216PB
Mr. John Lalrongbawla Darlong635634243660213BBXBB IN SC
Mr. Kisan Molsom`474330303169181PB
Mr. Monsun Reang465125213159174BBXBB IN Mathe & Sc
Mr. Nogenmanik Molsom804734353672232PB
Mr. Joshua Debbarma594642303668213PB
Mr. Chandon Tripura707062425469298PA
Mr. Tusan Debbarma325146454263216PB
Miss Madan kanya Molsom414730303665184PB
Miss Ruma Debbarma494933313162193PB
Miss Mitila Debbarma415326214274183BBXBB IN Mathe & Sc
Miss Khumjar Debbarma495242313065204PB
Mr. Romeo Molsom416530383785211PB
Miss Rakhi Debbarma578355356980299PA
Mr.Lamthar Hrangkhawl475219213767176BBXBB IN MATHE & SC
Mr. Naisengram Molsom452416182271125XX
Miss Marthi Molsom494217171763142XX
Miss Tanushree Debbarma69543032`3068215`PP
Miss Damtui Hrangkhawl515032333072196PP
Miss Ringma Debbarma715122233967206BBXBB IN Math & Sc
Miss Rinki Debbarma685525213270201BBXBB IN Math & Sc
Miss Yapri Debbarma606436243161215BBXBB IN Sc
Miss Lalhruaizeli Molsom734920213562198BBxBB IN Math & Sc
Miss Madhumita Molsom705531244373223BBXBB IN SC
Miss Sunita Debbarma696432304470239PB
Miss Evani Debbarma744034303061208PB
Miss Tuhina Debbarma956964445470326PA
Miss Sahana Debbarma583017212366149XX
Miss Saima Debbarma685743364875252PB+
Miss Puja Debbarma585518212566177XX
Miss Liza Debbarma586534305170238PB
Miss Aishili Debbarma928166627180372PA
Miss Khumbari Debbarma816530244376243BBXBB IN SC
Miss MKhani Debbarma897269544676330PA
Miss Kakuli Tripura937449404974305PA
Miss Risha Bimiri Debbarma767163575573322PA
Miss Remdiki Kuki696032304269233PB
Miss Sormila Molsom864825253669220BBXBB IN Math & Sc
Miss Shristi Tripura947373495772346PA
Miss Risha Debbarma684442343067218PB
Miss Jerry Molsom544841303469207PB
Miss Sushmita Molsom715338374069239PB
Miss Lady Molsom513920212467155XX
Miss Minakhi Molsom804331252660205BBXBB IN SC & SOC.SC
Miss Rakhi Molsom715324283765213BBXBB IN Math & Sc
Miss Hazar Kaina Molsom865445324678263PB+
Miss Lalnunzuii Molsom405226262864172XX
Miss Sanjana Debbarma826343375275277PB+
Miss Sampili Debbarma494830303863195PB
Miss Ruchina Debbarma484428223160173BBXBB IN Math & Sc
Miss Roshni Paite614819202765175XX
Miss Rishita Debbarma806730416468282PB+
Miss Risha Debbarma613418172561155XX
Miss Rabika Debbarma575020232760177XX
Miss Priyatama Laxmi Debbarma573927182462165XX
Miss Priyakshi Debbarma806648353772266pB+
Miss Priyanka Debbarma564030192367168BBXBB IN SC & SOC.SC
Miss Payel Rupini464925243668180BBXBB IN Math & Sc
Miss Neha Debbarma596437353468229PB
Miss Mariom Debbarma806265403873285PB+
Miss Aisiri Debbarma404028252870161XX
Mr. Bicon Debbarma533750303067200PB
Mr. Sachlang Debbarma644845323267221PB
Mr. Joshua Molsom634630232868190BBX