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September 27, 2023 11:24 pm


by Mr. Shashi Kanta Chakma



After years of self-sacrifice, dedication and commitment, the founding members of Yakhili Academy; the BCM Missionaries and the various levels of school faculties together are still relentlessly with sincerity, humility and urge rendering their valuable service for a good cause.

25 years past away with lots of untold and unheard memories. Some sweet some bitter may be. Yakhili Academy celebrates its Silver Jubilee thereafter. On this account, I have the privilege to shoulder the task of editing the school souvenir, 2016 which I feel is a strenuous job. So also, being a  complete novice in this particular task has become a real challenge to gain accomplishment. Single handedly it is literally impossible to accomplish such a brain-storming manual.

Therefore, I am thankful to my colleagues like; Miss Lalthlanpuii Sailo, Miss Asia Debbarma, Mr. N.S. Singh (v/p noon), Mr.Benjamin Lalruatfela (BCM Missionary), and Mr. Lalditsak Hrangkhawl who all played the lead role in their own capacity in order to bring about a colourful and an attractive school Silver Jubilee Souvenir, 2016. Without their contributions and co-operation, this edition of Jubilee Souvenir, 2016 may have been incomplete.

As the aphorism goes, ‘Big things have small beginnings.’ Likewise, Yakhili Academy of today had begun from a humble and small bamboo hut. Though at the beginning, its prospects seemed too bleak and distant to fathom, yet strong faith on Providence made it all possible to see Yakhili Academy literally rising and shining.

I take the boldness to say that the powerful force of The Holy Spirit who is always inspiring, teaching, leading, strengthening and providing made Yakhili Academy a unique institution in the whole locality.

Thus, it still stands firm and unshakable despite of unspeakable trials that loomed along its journey to prosperity. Hurdles after hurdles were on the way yet the ever unstoppable intervention of the Divine always saved Yakhili Academy from sinking.

I believe, Yakhili Academy will rise to glory and see great and marvelous things which none had known or seen before.

May this Souvenir be an inspiration to all our readers and imbibe in us a sense of pride and joy for the achievements achieved this far.

We Yakhilins, lets celebrate this Jubilee with jubilant hearts acknowledging the bountiful outpour of God’s blessings bestowed in our lives and keep on praying, hoping for the coming glory of Yakhili Academy.

Finally, I am also thankful to my Principal, Mr. T. Nghaksanga (BCM Missionary) who has been my counselor, guide and motivator in every moves of this editorial.

May God bless Yakhili Academy.